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Our purpose 
is to help create communities worth living in.

We are experienced, and independent, Owners Corporation service providers.

Apartment Building

Our Story

Get to Know Us

At OccamStrata, we have a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service and advice to our clients.

We understand that we are custodians of people's homes - and understand how complex this can be in practice. To do this well, we have a larger team, managing a smaller number of properties. This allows us to spend more time with our communities to understand the key issues and co-create solutions that are not only compliant - but also work for your community.  

We believe that the average services levels across the industry fall short of 'good enough'.  To help lift standards, we have spent significant resources identifying 'innovations' from other industries - and, over time, will bring these to the industry. 

Join us as we build an independent Owners Corporation Management firm - that will help create communities worth living in.   

OccamStrata is the combination of two concepts.

  • 'Occams Razor' - a method used to find simple solutions to complex problems. Its' roots trace back to the philosophers of the 1200s, and has been applied by the likes of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Isaac Newtown to revolutionise science; and

  • 'Strata' - a term that can be used interchangeably with Owners Corporation, Body Corporate and Community Management

We apply the principles of 'Occams Razor' to the ‘Strata’ industry – which enables us to find simple solutions to the unique and complex challenges found in strata living.


We believe that our scalable processes enable us to deliver on our purpose which is to help create communities worth living in.

Green Buildings

Owners Portal

Log in for real time access to levy balances, financial accounts, work order approval and community forums 

Our Services

Community Operations

Key activities:

  • Property / site visit and inspection

  • Project management

  • Community engagement

Professional Services

Key activities:

  • AGM / SGM management 

  • Administrative support

  • Bespoke advisory

Financial Management

Key activities:

  • Financial reporting

  • Financial control

  • Levy management

Risk and Compliance

Key activities:

  • Insurance management

  • Legislative and legal compliance

  • Record and data governance

Meet our Team

Our diverse senior team provide your community with a differentiated Owners Corporation management service.

Unhappy with your current provider?


Join our team.

If you are passionate about creating communities worth living in, and want to transform the Owners Corporation Industry, then we want to speak to you.

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